reconnecting with my heritage.

diving deeper into small moments in life through writing, art, and photography

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young nights

young nights by julie wan Rolled down windows feeding hair between our teeth Bass pulsating through our veins an anthem to the young night We run this…

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beauty standards

On trips back to China, it was always amusing to hear relatives praise my height, considering my grand stature of five-two. (You can imagine how short the…

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art and emotions

I scrutinized my recent drawing studies of fruits, wine glasses, or flower vases. I had arranged these inert objects on top of a table cloth, the styled…

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body acceptance week

I’ve witnessed my peers and girls at school scrutinize the fat on their bodies, criticize themselves for not being “disciplined” enough when it comes to their diet…

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what is social impact in business?

What are social impact companies? In essence, they are organizations that seek to make significant positive changes in communities and solve social challenges through conscious, systemic, and sustainable business methods. These…

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I’m julie, a high schooler lost in reverie most of the time. Writing, drawing, and creating is a source of healing for me during times of stress. All photography/drawings are mine unless otherwise stated.